CLA and the Scottish Government collaborate to secure widespread benefits for Scottish schools

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The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), the Scottish Government and Scottish Local Authorities are pleased to announce the renewal of the central licensing scheme to 2019.

The scheme administers two licences for all local authority schools in Scotland; the CLA Education Licence and the Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML).

The renewal of this central agreement guarantees that Scottish Local Authorities will continue to benefit from financial and administrative savings. It is estimated that schools will be saved £785,000 over the next three years – a valuable sum in a time of economic efficiencies.

Without the streamlined agreement in place, it would be necessary for local authorities to manage their own copyright licences. The central agreement significantly reduces the administrative burden on Scottish schools. Knowing the licence is in place allows teachers to fully dedicate their time to teaching with the additional peace of mind knowing they are copyright compliant when using published third party content in lessons. Pupils benefit from continued access to a wide range of materials in their learning. The CLA Education Licence covers millions of books, journals, magazines, in print and digital, as well as certain online content, all of which can be photocopied, scanned or digitally copied to form a rich wealth of resources that will enthuse, engage and challenge students.

Furthermore, the SPML, which covers the copying and re-arrangement of printed sheet music, has recently been enhanced. Detailed information can be found at CLA’s dedicated schools site (, but among the changes, the role of music hubs and services in school’s music education is further recognised. With this licence, teachers are able to support the vibrancy of Scottish music education, fostering the musical professionals of tomorrow while still ensuring fair remuneration for creators today.

The stability of the central licensing agreement ensures that regardless of their geographic, economic or social background, pupils in Scotland can share the same equity of access to materials in their education.

Jo DeVito, Director of Education and Public Sector at CLA, commented:
“CLA is delighted to extend our partnership with the Scottish Government to 2019. By working together, we have ensured that the licensing agreement best supports the needs of all teachers and students across local authority schools in Scotland, for whom access to a variety of resources is essential for a fully rounded education.”

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said:
“Collaborations like this are beneficial to local authorities and schools as it simplifies and streamlines the licensing process and gets the best value for money for schools. It also ensures teachers and pupils have access not only to the most up to date print and digital media, but that this access will be the same for every pupil in Scotland.

"Scotland’s Curriculum of Excellence seeks to develop successful learners in Scottish schools, who are enthusiastic, resilient and ambitious – ensuring that all students have access to resources is of huge importance in achieving this aim.”